XML Import

In order to simplify the administration and transfer of real estate data published online, we have developed a web-based application that allows real estate brokers to manage their listings via a platform and to transfer those listings effortlessly to other online marketplaces

Digital Receipt Transmission

Through digitalization, publishing houses can transmit receipts faster and at lower cost. Special software has been developed that lets users view and print out not only a particular published ad but also the areas to the left and right of where it is placed. It’s also possible to load the entire issue in which the ad appears as a PDF.


The Newsstand was developed especially for publishers to allow them to view their competitors’ e-paper editions on a PC using any type of platform. Access data to e-paper editions is on a central admin platform, which provides access to authorized users.

Real Estate Acquisition Tool

The real estate acquisition tool provides easy access, updated daily, to all private and commission-free real estate listings in a particular city, county or whatever area the user chooses to search. It includes all private sales listed on the four largest real estate portals and displays them in tables and sorted into the following categories: commercial, house, apartment, lot and hospitality industry – for sale or lease, respectively.

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