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Increasingly it has become essential that ad-financed media outlets conduct detailed analyses of the marketplace and competition, then apply those findings in setting their company’s strategic direction and in targeting acquisition efforts. They also need to include in the equation any changes in the digital needs. Owing to their focus on printed products, though, publishing companies often lack not only the know-how but also the requisite personnel to accomplish this task. It’s important to understand that merely having these services and data available is not enough. What’s essential is that someone be there, ready to provide advice and training.

An across-the-board approach – one that furnishes a wide range of crucial services, ranging from compiling market data, analyzing the results and determining steps to be taken as well as helping target acquisitions and providing coaching – is the most effective way of building a profitable business based on a current line of products. Media Summary brings together all these services: competitive analysis, consulting/coaching and IT solutions.

  • 08.11.2019 - Ruhr Nachrichten klagen erfolgreich gegen Stadtportal

    Das Landgericht Dortmund hat in einer Entscheidung am 8. November 2019 erklärt, dass das Stadtportal gegen das Grundgesetz verstößt. Der Verlag Lensing Media, Herausgeber u.a. der Ruhr Nachrichten, hatte auf wettbewerbsrechtlichen Unterlassungsanspruch in Verbindung mit dem verfassungsrechtlichen Gebot der Staatsferne gegen die Stadt Dortmund geklagt. Read more

  • 08.11.2019 - 30 Jahre Mauerfall – 30 Jahre Presse- und Vertriebsfreiheit in ganz Deutschland

    Aus Anlass des 30. Jahrestages der Maueröffnung am 9. November erinnert der Gesamtverband Pressegroßhandel e. V., Köln, an den Aufbau einer freien Presse und eines effizienten Vertriebswesens für Presseprodukte auf dem Gebiet der DDR vor drei Jahrzehnten. Read more

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Monitoring the Market

We collect media data specifically of interest to you on a daily basis. We compile and edit printed ads from daily newspapers, advertisement circulars and magazines as well as radio commercials and internet advertisements and make them available in a web-based database. Along with categorization, the database provides publication and technical data, advertising costs and information about advertisers. ... read more

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Using this data gathered, we apply objective methodologies to analyze your situation and work together with you to develop strategies and operational techniques to cultivate the market more efficiently. Along with positioning, we also examine the exploitation of existing market potential. We provide valuable market information and strategic consulting not only to firms in the advertising sector itself but also to providers of HR and real estate services. ... read more

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Digital Services

Drawing on experience in the media sector and taking into account the necessities arising from increasing digitalization, we work consistently to develop the necessary technical services to make media companies successful even in the face of a changing marketplace, while relieving them of the need to maintain specialized in-house personnel. ... read more

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Training / Coaching

Alongside market analysis, identification of market potential and the intelligent structuring of a range of products and services, it is essential that employees understand the opportunities presented by the use of competition data. Senior managers should also learn how to use the competition database as a management tool. ... read more

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